Summer vs Winter

Posted by Lisa on July 11th, 2006 — Posted in Misc

As you can see, still the same clear beautiful skies, almost as warm, except the grape vines have all died and he Andes now are snow capped.

IMG 0753 IMG 2981

Spanish Conversation

Posted by Lisa on July 11th, 2006 — Posted in Activities

After some nagging from my spanish teacher, I have joined a spanish conversation group. It is taught by 2-4 chileans and there are about 8 of us that go every Monday to practice our spanish. Today, we went to Vicuna which is about 45 minutes into the valley, and had a great time. My friend Judith’s house is amazing. It’s the type of house I’ve always pictured being in Chile. It has a nice courtyard in the middle with rooms surrounding it. I was a little uncomfortable at first speaking spanish with my english speaking friends, I find it much easier to speak spanish to strangers, but in the end, everything went perfectly. I practiced my future tense and told everyone about Cara and Joel coming to visit, and what we plan on doing. Afterwards, I took the pup on a nice hike up the mountain. I’ve started timing myself, and today made it to the top in 41 minutes, my personal best so far.

IMG 2979 IMG 2980