Day 2- The adventure continues…

Posted by Lisa on July 24th, 2006 — Posted in Activities

We started off this morning with a hike at 900. While we were hiking, Steve was busy getting breakfast ready for us- homemade pancakes!!! During the hike, Cara slipped and landed on her prickered hand (see yesterday’s entry for explanation). For those of you who are worrying, she is doing fine. After breakfast, we headed out to the observatory to learn about Steve’s job. While we were there freezing our bums off, we got to see the snow capped Andes and 2 Andean Condors. We then headed to El Molle for a late lunch to a parillada and had 2 big clay ovens FULL of meat. Joel was brave enough to eat blood sausage and some unidentified intestines (see below pics). We then headed back to La Serena, went grocery shopping, went to Arte Dulce which is a local bakery and bought a variety of tasty chilean desserts then hung out at home, drank some amaretto, wine and Jack and played games. Currently Cara and I are updating the blog while the boys are busy playing ping pong. From the sounds of Steve’s cries, Joel is winning and Leyna is busy chasing stray balls.

Hiking Pics
IMG 3037 IMG 3039 IMG 3045

IMG 3047

Observatory Pics

PICT0172 PICT0128 IMG 3077

PICT0140 PICT0150 IMG 3085

IMG 3088

El Molle

IMG 3096 IMG 3097

Before and after intestines…
IMG 3098 IMG 3100 01

Celery truck we followed home


Tonight’s fun
IMG 3108 IMG 3112 IMG 3113

IMG 3116 01