The past month…

Posted by Lisa on March 14th, 2007 — Posted in Uncategorized

I wish I could say that I’ve been busy at work, but that would be a lie. To all my faithful readers (if I have any left), I’m sorry that I’ve been lax in my postings. No excuses. But, what has kept me away for so long? I’m happy you’ve asked. We’ve been busy enjoying our summer and the gorgeous weather. I’ve started running again, which is a real accomplishment for me. Since I started in the middle of January, I’ve clocked in 55 miles. I’ve even started Leyna on the running kick, and we run together for a mile and a half a couple times a week. I’ve been doing things with friends- weekly mah jongg games, walking tours of La Serena, going to parties, learning to salsa dance. Also, i’ve been working on my cooking repertoire, and have been busy adding new recipes to my collection. Some of my most recent favorites include black bean patties, asian salmon and fish tacos with a papaya coconut salsa. Steve and I are also bust planning our next trip which is at the end of April- we’re going to Easter Island and then on to Tahiti for a 10 day tahitian cruise. I actually finalized our accommodations for Easter Island today- it’s always an experience speaking on the phone in spanish. Oh, and how is my spanish coming along? Well, slacker that I am, I have still not gone back to my classes yet, but I have been practicing some. The other weekend, Steve and I went to a poker tournament at our friends house where many of the players spoke only spanish so I got to practice there for about 6 hours. Why so long? Because yours truly came in second place bringing home about 40 bucks!!! Steve had a busy 2 weeks at work while he was queue coordinating and acting head of science operations. To celebrate him being done, we snuck away for a couple days to our favorite town, Pisco Elqui. We stayed in a wonderful cabana and had a truly relaxing time. Leyna dog has been doing well, though we’re busy trying to curb some of her bad habits (biting and jumping). I have also been busy hanging out with my friend JOanna, who, sadly, will be leaving at the beginning of April to move to Portland. Well, that’s enough for tonight, don’t want to blog about everything at once. Hope all is well with you, and happy days, we are now the same time as you folks on the east coast, which makes my life much easier (yeah, yeah, because it’s so hard already). Here are some pics below to enjoy!!!

Leyna dog cute as ever!
IMG 5478 IMG 5481

For someone who pretends to hate “those damn dirty hippies”, he has now joined their ranks!!
IMG 5547

A few pics from La Serena walking tour
IMG 5483 IMG 5484 IMG 5485

Pisco Tour
IMG 5497 IMG 5508 IMG 5526

IMG 5530 IMG 5531

Pisco Elqui
IMG 5534 IMG 5548 IMG 5552

Not only did our cabanas have a beautiful view, nice pool, masseuse, a scrumptious breakfast brought out to the veranda, but it also had a putting green!
IMG 5555 IMG 5556

Before I sign off, I almost forgot to mention one of the biggest highlights of the past month, my grandma turned 90!! Happy birthday again, hot stuff!!!!!