Chile con Guaguita

Posted by Lisa on December 12th, 2007 — Posted in Misc

Steve and I are happy to announce that I’m 10 weeks pregnant. In Chile the slang term for baby is guaguita- pronounced wawita. Here’s the first official pic! My due date is July 8…


Jamon Serrano

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Well, we finally did it. After 2 years of talk, we finally bought it. Yes, I’m talking about a Serrano ham. When we first moved here, the things freaked me out. They have them hanging in the stores, and the foot is still attached. I didn’t realize at first what it was. Apparently, my friend Jenny didn’t either. She invited us all over for xmas our first year here and bought a ham to cook (or so she thought). When she got it home, it still had the hoof attached, so she tried to saw it off. When that didn’t work, she decided just to throw the whole thing in the oven, hoof and all. To be honest, I don’t remember if I ate it or not, I just remember how much fun we had with them. Anyways, I digress. We had our friends Rikki and Chris over for dinner the other night, and decided to break it open and have some melon with it. It was AWESOME!! The ham is now sitting on the counter (it came with a stand and a knife) waiting to be eaten. Steve likes to carve some off when he gets home from work, and sit on the patio, watch the sunset and have a beer (wine or pisco sour for me). Life doesn’t get much better! If the Margheims are lucky, we’ll try not to eat it all before they come!!

IMG 9441 IMG 9447


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I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I feel like nothing is ever new. It’s taken a while, but summer seems to be here in La Serena. We’ve been getting nice sunny days in the mid to upper 60’s (though it feels like the 70’s) with a nice breeze off the ocean. Leyna dog and I have been trying to go to the beach for a walk/run at least 3x a week. Occasionally Steve gets to come with us as well. Here are some pics from a couple days ago.

IMG 9439 IMG 9432 03 IMG 9431

Today, we unfortunately forgot out camera. Steve and I had gone out for a nice lunch, then decided to go for a walk on the beach and enjoy the day. Right now in La Serena is hosting an International Motocross competition. This weekend featured opening events, but the races themselves got started today. The first few time trials are along the coast from roughly La Serena Golf down to Tongoy. As luck would have it, the first set of riders were returning along the La Serena beaches as we were out for our walk. So interspersed with the waves, birds and other beach goers, the riders would fly by us. It was really cool to see, I do wish we had brought the camera. We’re hoping to go to one of the other trials in the area.

Our roses

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While my parents were visiting in July, we bought 4 rose bushes. About a week after they left, the rabbits ATE my roses. I was worried that they wouldn’t come back, but I was pleasantly surprised to find these last week-

flower2 01

Since then, we’ve had some beautiful sunny weather, and I am happy to say that all 4 bushes are flourishing.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

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Love you and hope you have a wonderful day! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

IMG 7207 2

Shameless plug

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Just wanted to remind everyone or let you know if you don’t already, that Steve now has a photoblog which he updates about 3-5 times a week. Much more frequently then I. Click here to visit. You are able to page back and see all the photos. Enjoy!!

Another birthday post…

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I know I haven’t been very diligent in my updating, so I figured today is a good catch up day. Here are some birthdays that have happened since my last post. All beautiful, wonderful, awesome people! Happy birthday all!!

ME!!!!!!! (I had a joint birthday party with some good friends, I’ll write more in a later post)
IMG 9281

If I had one, so did…KARIN
IMG 8746 01

Mi suegra – Mary Jane
IMG 4375 2

Tia Pat
IMG 5139

Mi amiga Helen
IMG 4455 01

And today is Ella’s 1st birthday. This is a picture of the first time I met her and held her- last halloween. She was a beautiful baby, but she’s turning into an even more beautiful little girl.
IMG 5167


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Happy birthday to one of my most favorite people in the world- my great friend/more like a sister, Cara. I hope you have a wonderful day and can’t wait to talk to you tonight. Have a great birthday!!!! Happy 29th! I’ll have a pisco sour (or 2) for you tonight!

J3072x2304 15165

Happy Birthday Luke and Lily!!

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Unfortunately we were out all day and we weren’t able to call and wish Luke and Lily Happy Birthday! By now, they should be fast asleep in bed. We just wanted to wish the little ones a happy 3rd birthday. It’s amazing how fast they grow up!! We love you guys!! Happy Birthday! (Their birthday is August 6th which is today, for some reason it posted as the 7th, oops!)

IMG 7151

Cute Leynadog

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IMG 8606