Day 11- The Enchanted Valley

Posted by Lisa on April 9th, 2006 — Posted in Activities

I know, it’s been a week since the Margheim’s left, and I haven’t posted for a long time. I wish I could say I’ve been really busy at work, but no excuses. I’ve been plain lazy. So let me catch you up on the rest of our wonderful visit with Steve’s parents. On Day 11- which was Wed, we went on a nice drive through Ovalle and to the Valle Del Encanto. It’s a park where they have petroglyphs an petrographs from 4000 years ago. The park is similar to a rock climbing park with the rock carvings all over. I expected the carving and paintings to be roped off but they weren’t, we were allowed to climb over them. Steve and I are think of going back and making some etchings. IT was a beautiful day- nice and sunny, and we all had fun rock climbing!!

IMG 0798 IMG 0800 IMG 0817

IMG 0819 IMG 1871 IMG 1826

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