Sunday adventures

Posted by Lisa on April 24th, 2006 — Posted in Activities

On Sunday we drove into the valley where we first stopped at the dam and walked across it. Much to our surprise there was a wind harp in the corner. I had never even heard of one, though Jon had red about them but never seen one. Afterwards Steve took us to the observatory which was awesome as always. In Jon’s words “it was magnanimous”. We then went to the hosteria in Vicuna for a late lunch where we met up with some friends, then caravanned to the Mamalluca Observatory- which is a observatory for the public with 2 telescopes with 12 inch mirrors that we were able to look through and see sirius, orion nebula, open star clusters, saturn and the rings, jupiter and it’s moons, mars, small and large magellanic clouds, the southern cross and more. The tour was in english and was phenomenal. We also got to see a meteorite- vaca muerte (dead cow)- which was found in the atacama.

IMG 2398 IMG 2400 IMG 2401

IMG 2407 IMG 2423 IMG 2432 01

IMG 2433 IMG 2435 01 IMG 2437 01

IMG 2439 01 IMG 2440 01 IMG 2443 01

IMG 2446 01 IMG 2447 02

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