Joel and Cara take 2

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Joel and Cara arrived, albeit 2 days late (they were stuck in Peru), on Saturday morning. We left Sunday for a trip over the Paso Agua Negra into Argentina and on to the Termas Pismanta for a few days of much needed pampering. You may recall from our previous trip over the pass that we took with Steves parents that we got a flat tire at the top. I’m happy to say that we did not get 1 flat tire, but 2 this time!!!!!!! After waiting several ours for the gendarme to come get us, Cara, Steve and Joel, were lucky enough to ride in the back of an open army truck for 2 hours (yours truly had a cushy seat up front) with all of our luggage. Needless to say, by the time we reached the hotel the 3 of them and all our stuff was covered in a thick layer of dust. Thankfully the next day, we were able to relax in the thermal spas, enjoy good food, wine and company. Steve and I picked up our 2 tires from the gomeria, that luckily were able to get plugged and patched and then able to go get the car which was 30 km from the border. We left Argentina on Tuesday, and enjoyed a beautiful, breathtaking drive home. No problems to be had…

Second flat tire and our reactions
IMG 0389 IMG 0395 IMG 0397

Gendarme to the rescue

IMG 0400 IMG 0399 IMG 0398

Termas Pismanta

IMG 0412 01 IMG 0407 IMG 0411

Pics from the drive

IMG 0425 IMG 0439 IMG 0442

IMG 0454 IMG 0470

IMG 0485 01 IMG 0487

Lisa in Chile Sweet Pea in Argentina

IMG 0434

San Pedro Day 1

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The Margheim’s are here visiting for 3 weeks for the holidays. At the beginning of their visit we took a trip up north to San Pedro. Here are some pictures from day 1…

Around town

IMG 9659 01 IMG 1925 IMG 1923

IMG 1934 IMG 9675 IMG 9650

Valley of the Moon

IMG 1944 01 IMG 1947 IMG 9691

IMG 9701 IMG 9710 IMG 9754

IMG 2032 01 IMG 2035 IMG 2038 01

IMG 9800 IMG 9788 01 IMG 9804

IMG 9816 IMG 9814 IMG 2029

Stay tuned for Day 2…

Day 6- The final day

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Our last day of our trip we spent in Cusco and Lima. IN the morning, we got up and walked around town before our flight. Our flight from Lima to Santiago didn’t leave until 2 am, so we were able to explore a little more of Lima and went out to a terrific dinner. This trip was amazing, and I just wanted to thank my parents again for an amazing time. I had a wonderful visit with them, and can’t wait for the next.

Random pics of Cusco
IMG 8495 01 IMG 8497 IMG 8498 01

IMG 8505 IMG 8513 IMG 8515

IMG 8520 IMG 8522 IMG 8524

IMG 8534

In Lima we drove around Miraflores, went to some ruins and out for a fantastic seafood dinner
IMG 8537 IMG 8542 IMG 8544

IMG 8548 IMG 8549

Day 5

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I figure I better finish this update before Karin gets here, which should be around 3. On Saturday Steve and I decided to get up to see the sunrise over Machu Picchu. Luckily, my dad was feeling much better and he and my mom decided that they would go to Machu Picchu a little later. Unfortuately, it was pretty cloudy, so we didn’t really get to see the sunrise. It did get us up there nice and early, and STeve and I were able to climb up Huayna Picchu. It was a tough climb but absolutely worth it. The view from the top was spectacular. We then climbed down the back of the mountain to see the caves. Total time was about 4 and a half hours. When we were done, we went back to Aguas Clientes explored the town some, and had a nice lunch,. Then met up with the rents after their Machu Picchu trip and headed back to the train station and back to Cusco. Saturday also was the day that the new seven wonders of the world was announced (Machu Picchu being one), so there was a big party going on in the Plaza de Armas in Cusco. We did get back to town to late to go, but STeve and I walked around the Plaza de Armas where they had constructed big statues to mark the occasion.

Steve and I before the hike
IMG 8402 IMG 8399 IMG 8403

Still feeling good
IMG 8407 IMG 8408

Part of the trail
IMG 8409

View from NOT the top
IMG 8411 IMG 8412

Are we almost there?
IMG 8414

Getting closer…
IMG 8415 IMG 8416 IMG 8420

IMG 8425 IMG 8429

WE MADE IT!!!!!!
IMG 8431 IMG 8434 IMG 8436

Trail leading down to the Great Cavern also known as the Temple of the Moon
IMG 8443 IMG 8444

The Temple of the Moon
IMG 8455 IMG 8459

Us after the hike
IMG 8462 IMG 8463

Peruvian hairless dog
IMG 8466

Aguas Calientes
IMG 8472 IMG 8479

The train ride back
IMG 8483 01 IMG 8484 IMG 8488

Plaza de Armas in Cusco
IMG 8491 IMG 8492 IMG 8494 01

Day 4- Machu Picchu

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Words cannot describe how amazing Machu Picchu was. I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves.

IMG 8134 IMG 8149 IMG 8150

IMG 8153 IMG 8156 IMG 8167

IMG 8170 IMG 8176 IMG 8180

IMG 8188 IMG 8194 IMG 8205

IMG 8201 IMG 8199
IMG 8206

IMG 8213 IMG 8217 IMG 8224

IMG 8271 IMG 8279 IMG 8282

IMG 8285 IMG 8333 IMG 8348

IMG 8386

The Inca Bridge
IMG 8294 IMG 8297 2 IMG 8300

IMG 8242

Human Sacrifice
IMG 8353

Steve sitting on the royal throne at the house believed to have belonged to the Inca emperor Pachacuti
IMG 8325

Day 3- Cusco

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On July 5, we left Lima to travel to Cusco. As soon as we got to our hotel, they had us sit in the reception area and drink coca tea to help ward off altitude sickness. We then decided to walk around town for a while, before our city tour. Cusco was absolutely beautiful. It’s how I actually thought Lima would be. After a nice leisurely stroll around town, we headed back to the hotel for our city tour. The city tour was fantastic. We learned a little bit about the history of Cusco and the Incas, drove all around Cusco and explored the ruins. We then had a nice light dinner at the hotel and off to bed. Our 4am wake-up call was going to be EARLY, but who cares, when you’re off to Machu Pichuu!

Hanging out at the hotel drinking coca tea
IMG 7968 IMG 7973IMG 7970

Mom interacting with a Peruvian mime
IMG 7994

Pics of Cusco
IMG 7986 IMG 7995 IMG 8000

IMG 8019 IMG 8022 IMG 8029

IMG 8045 IMG 8050 IMG 8070

IMG 8082 IMG 8084 IMG 8094

The Inca Fountain of Youth
IMG 8108 IMG 8113

Day 2- The adventure continues…

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First of and foremost, I would like to wish my mom a happy birthday again. Her birthday was July 4, and we celebrated by flying over the Nazca lines. We got up early in the morning, went to the airport, flew to Ica which is a small town north of Lima. We saw a brief show about the Nazca lines, and then we boarded a TINY 8 person plane and started the 2 hour flight. It was amazing, flying over the desert and seeing the lines we saw..

a martian
IMG 7739

a monkey
IMG 7745

a dog
IMG 7752

a spider
IMG 7767 02

a condor
IMG 7775

a hummingbird
IMG 7783

a pair of hands
IMG 7800

a tree
IMG 7805

Misc pics
IMG 7705 IMG 7710 01 IMG 7713

IMG 7791 IMG 7829

After the flight, we went to this great resort for lunch and live music.
IMG 7833

After lunch, we went to an oasis. For me, this was probably my favorite part of the trip that I hadn’t planned on. I mean, Machu Pichuu was amazing, but I knew I was going there. The oasis was just part of our tour, and it was exactly how I have always imagined an oasis. Sand in every direction, hot blistering sun, and then palm trees, birds and water. While my parents walked around and enjoyed the oasis, Steve and I decided to go on a dune buggy ride. It was exhilarating, though we are still finding sand in our shoes! We went on an hour dune buggy ride and then went sand boarding. I’m not much of a snow boarder, and I didn’t want to injure myself before the trip was over, Steve and I decided to use the board more as a sled. It was so much fun, and the desert… What can I say, it was spectacular. I know I live in desert climate, but this was the first time that I have ever really been to the desert. The type that I saw in Lawrence of Arabia.

IMG 7837 IMG 7921

IMG 7862 IMG 7842 IMG 7853

IMG 7876 IMG 7880 IMG 7881

IMG 7885 IMG 7883 IMG 7888

IMG 7904

After a long and exhausting day, we flew back to Lima and had a nice birthday meal and cake at the hotel.
IMG 7935

Come back and see what happens on day 3!!

Peru- Day 1

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My parents left last week, after a terrific visit. One of the highlights of their visit was our trip to Peru. I know that you have been eagerly awaiting an update, and i’m sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve decided to slowly post pictures from our trip, a day each day. We arrived in Lima at about midnight, and we’re picked up and whisked off to our hotel. We stayed at the Melia Lima hotel- which is now one of our favorite hotel chains. Steve and I stayed in a Melia Hotel in Portugal as well, and they were both amazing hotels. The next morning, we got up had an awesome breakfast- in Chile, they haven’t started the whole breakfast thing yet, so usually you only get bread and jam and some ham and cheese. This buffet was basically an american type buffet but better. Anyways, after breakfast, we went off shopping to the vendor district. There was everything imaginable there, and cheap. I was a little disheartened to find out that all the goodies i’ve been buying at La Recova heree in town, is actually, mostly all Peruvian items sold at about 3 times the cost. Needless to say, we were able to find everything we wanted and more. After shopping we came back to out hotel and waited for our city tour of Lima. OVerall Lima isn’t that impressive. I actually like Santiago better, though 1 thing Lima has going for it is that it is on the ocean. After the tour, we went out to dinner to a chifa restaurant- which is a chinese/peruvian fusion restaurant, and had a scrumptious meal. Unlike Santiago and Chile, Peru seemed to have a lot more international foods, and they used a lot more spices in the food.

IMG 7559 IMG 7562 IMG 7565

IMG 7567

IMG 7589IMG 7619 IMG 7621 01

IMG 7632 IMG 7634 IMG 7645

IMG 7678 IMG 7696 IMG 7703

My trip to Connecticut

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As many of you know, my dad brought me home for a surprise visit for mothers day, and for my sisters graduation from law school. I was home for almost 2 weeks and had a wonderful time seeing my family and friends. My sisters graduation went wonderfully, the smarty pants graduated cum laude! Karin and Adam have since then sold their house and are road tripping to Idaho to start their new life. I also got to see my friend Lauren and her new litle baby Ryan, my friend Ana and her new little baby Enrique, my friend Jaime and her 14 month old baby Julia, and my friend Janet and her 7 1/2 month old baby Ella. Cara, Joel, and I stopped in Philly for a short visit, and Janet and Alan had prepared an awesome picnic for all of us. It was fabulous seeing everyone, including my friends Laurie and John who were also there!! Some upcoming plans that Steve and I have are my parents are coming in a few weeks for a 3 week visit and my sister is coming in August for a visit as well. Here are some pics from the visit…

Mom surprised at seeing me
IMG 7122

Hanging out at Grandmas with the family
IMG 7127 IMG 7129 IMG 7130

IMG 7138 IMG 7141

Hanging out with Jill and the kids
IMG 7146 IMG 7148 IMG 7152

My cousin Kim and her daughter Zoe and new baby Lily came for a visit and we went to Westmoor Park (which is a 4-H farm) and to the park to play
IMG 7162 IMG 7159

Graduation Weekend

Law School Reception
IMG 7187 IMG 7182 IMG 7195

IMG 7208 IMG 7213

Fort McHenry and Baltimore waterfront

IMG 7216 IMG 7228 IMG 7253

IMG 7257 IMG 7269 IMG 7272

IMG 7276 IMG 7288 IMG 7285

Baseball game, Nats lost to the Orioles
IMG 7300 IMG 7301

IMG 7304 IMG 7302

Graduation Day!!!

IMG 7320 IMG 7329 IMG 7331

IMG 7334 IMG 7336

IMG 7383 IMG 7390

Philly Visit
IMG 7393 IMG 7396 IMG 7397

IMG 7399 IMG 7401 IMG 7403

IMG 7405 IMG 7407 01 IMG 7410

IMG 7408

I learned how to knit while I was home, and this is my first project. A blanket for sweet little Ryan!

IMG 7414

A special thanks to my dad, who made this trip possible!!! It was his idea and I had a terrific time. Love you dad!!!!

IMG 7207

Stop 6- Connecticut

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We went to CT in the beginning of October for a long weekend. We…

Saw the dogs and rebonded with IzzyBizzy (who loves my parents SO much and is very happy in CT)

IMG 4413 IMG 4417 IMG 4430

I got to pick the last few tomatoes from my mom’s garden- which by the way are the BEST tomatoes EVER!!

IMG 4419

Celebrate Karin and my birthday- along with our other family, the Grady’s!!

IMG 4428 IMG 4439

Reunited the Foley Family Players featuring- Bernadette on violin, Thomas on guitar, Karin on viola, Adam on guitar, Lisa on recorder and Steve on piano, playing “Ode to Joy”.

IMG 4436

On Saturday, went to our friend Helen’s 30th bday bash, went to our 11th high school reunion, the mexican restaurant for drinks afterward, and back to our house to play games. Happy days, Cara and Joel also came home for the weekend to hang out.

IMG 4455 IMG 4472 IMG 4466

IMG 4482 IMG 4485 IMG 4488

Lastly, we went to a family reunion, and got to hang out with my grandma and family.

IMG 4491 IMG 4510