IT’S A Girl!!!!!

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My roommate from college, Jaime Thomas had a baby girl late this afternoon- Julia Thomas who weighed 7 lbs 10 oz. Jaime did a wonderful job (of course), and now her and Jerry get to enjoy their sweet little girl. I can’t wait to see the new family in September!!
I love you guys and congratulations again!!!


Day 19- Adios Padres

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Today, unfortunately is my parents last day here. We had yummy waffles for breakfast, then went shopping, then played games the rest of the day. Steve took the day off as well to hang out. They hate to be leaving, though they are looking forward to coming back. We’re already starting to plan their next trip and what we will do and visit my dad hopes we go down south and go trout fishing, my mom hopes we go to Machu Picchu, and I hope we do both :). I loved having them here and will miss them and can’t wait for the next visit. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the trip…(most have already been up on the blog)

IMG 0784 01 IMG 0831 01 IMG 0839 01

IMG 0847 01 IMG 0909 1 IMG 0912 01

IMG 1029 1 01 IMG 1093 IMG 1175 01

IMG 1213 IMG 1264 IMG 1370 01

IMG 1374 02 IMG 1397 IMG 1520 01

Days 13-18

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Sorry that I haven’t updated since Santiago. We’ve been having a wonderful time here. We’ve gone to Coquimbo – the cross and the shops, we’ve been to the beach a couple of days and worked on our tans, we’ve gone out for wonderful dinners, we’ve played with the puppy, we went to a big barbecue at the top of the recinto and had way to much to drink in the sun, we’ve played games, explored the area more, went to the garden shop and bought flowers for the front of the house, went fishing, and just hung out. Here are some pics (though I have been a little lax with my picture taking!, we’ve only managed to take about 700 pictures while my parents were here).

IMG 1510 IMG 1506 IMG 1507

IMG 1511 IMG 1513 IMG 1515

IMG 1555 IMG 1520 IMG 1518

IMG 1519 IMG 1516 IMG 1550

IMG 1556 IMG 1557 IMG 1558

IMG 1560 IMG 1561 IMG 1559

Days 9-12

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Steve was able to take a few days off from work, so we all decided to head down to Santiago via a 6 hour bus trip. All in all the bus ride was nice though it had no air conditioning. We stayed in a wonderful hotel in Las Condes (a section of Santiago) and had a great time exploring our capitol city. We went on a bus tour, took a ride in a cable car, a funicular, a subway and numerous taxis. We had wonderful food, wine and overall great company. My stories are too numerous to tell, so I will just show some pics.

Hotel Montebianco- We recommend it to everyone, great hotel and service!!
IMG 1189

Argentinian cow (restaurant)next to hotel
IMG 1366

City Tour
IMG 1202 IMG 1274 IMG 1279

IMG 1301 IMG 1283

Centro Artesaneal “Los Dominicos”-
Shopping of all sorts selling local and national crafts line the winding passageways of this market. It felt like we were shopping for hours. Steve and I had thought we lost our parents but didn’t realize that there was a way back section. We all spent our life savings here, I think.
IMG 1347 IMG 1352 01

Valentines Day dinner-
Steve and I were unable to get reservations at the Thai restaurant and the hotel tried to get us reservations somewhere else, but everything was booked including the restaurant that my parents went to, so can you guess where we ended up?
IMG 1364

San Cristobal
IMG 1370 IMG 1374 01 IMG 1390
IMG 1437 IMG 1441

Mercado Central
IMG 1465 IMG 1470

Palacio La Moneda y Centro Cultural-
Underneath the presidential palace where the president works not lives, is a new cultural center with touring exhibits. Lucky for us the Mexico exhibit was here, which Steve is very into and we were able to go. One of the best pieces was an Olmac head. We were not allowed to take any pictures in the exhibits unfortunately.
IMG 1492 IMG 1496

Can’t wait to come back!!!!

Day 7- A great day with Steve

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On Saturday, after a nice big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon, we headed off for our personal tour of Gemini Observatory. It was a hour and a half drive from La Serena. Driving up to the observatory was a much better experience than Thursday’s drive. Steve actually knew how to use the 4 wheel drive. Once we got up to the observatory, Steve gave us a tour and showed us the telescope and bHROS- his instrument. Gemini observatory is located over 9,00 feet high in the Andes about halfway between the ocean and Argentina. In the distance we saw some snow probably glaciers in the more distant and higher peaks of the mountains in Argentina. Some of our friends from here are actually camping there this weekend. While we were at the top we saw a few young Andean Condors flying around. On the drive down to the bottom, we saw hawks, goats and horses along the mountainside. We then stopped at a papaya stand, had some papaya juice- the papaya trees are located in La Serena, and at this stand they also sell wine from Falernia Vineyard. We bought a bottle of their 2002 Syrah which has won numerous awards here in Chile. We then traveled to Vicuna and stopped at the Capel plant for a pisco tour and tasting. The tour itself was short and in spanish, but we were able to figure out the pisco process. We then went into Vicuna, walked around the artesian shops, tried Copao- which is a type of cactus fruit grown in the Atacama. It tasted like a cross between a kiwi and grapes. Then we stopped for onces and had some pisco sours and empanadas before coming home.

IMG 1084 IMG 1117 IMG 1125

IMG 1089 IMG 1107 mnd

IMG 1103 1 IMG 1116 IMG 1123

IMG 1127 IMG 1128

IMG 1174 IMG 1175 IMG 1177

Day 5

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On Thursday we decided to visit the town of Andacollo, where every December 26 more than 100,000 pilgrims overrun the gold and copper mining town located 1,050 meters above sea level to pay homage to the Virgin of Andacollo. I’m sure the signs in town explained her story, but I’m not sure what it is. We visited the 2 churches and the museum which contains tons of gifts given by the pilgrims to the Virgin, including toys, rosary beads, pictures, letters- honestly, some of the weirdest stuff ever. In the end we couldn’t even find the supposed little Virgin figurine that was found in some mine, again another story I don’t know. Afterwards we decided to follow the suggestion in our tour guide book to “take a decent gravel road to the Hurtado Valley, where it’s possible to make a loop to Vicuna and back to La Serena.” Little did we know that it would be a 6 hour drive on nothing more than a goat path over mountains through the Hurtado Valley, over more mountains and into the Elqui Valley. There was never any guard rails, the road had eroded in places and was a mass of sloped hairpin turns. Now many of you know my family so you can just imagine what was going on in the car. My dad yelling at me to “slow down, use a different gear” and I think many “Jesus’s” were being muttered among other things. My mom was in back (who by the way is afraid of heights) muttering nonsensical questions constantly. Then of course, I tried to use 4 wheel drive and a warning light came on in the car “trans temp”, and we couldn’t find the manual and we hadn’t seen anyone in hours. By the way, the manual was in the car, in the drivers side door, but all in spanish, no help there. I was driving and yelling at the both of them. In the end, now that we are home safe and sound, it was a beautiful drive. We started out at 1,050 meters in Andocollo drove through the desert down to sea level then up over some mountains and down into the Hurtado Valley back up some more mountains and finally down into the Elqui Valley. We saw beautiful deserts, valleys, mountains, vineyards, people and animals. The pics from the drive don’t do it justice. I probably wouldn’t do it again, but it’s fun to hear my parents talk about their brush(es) with death!!!

IMG 0865 IMG 0866 IMG 0874

The views
IMG 0899 IMG 0909 IMG 0916
IMG 0923 grapes valley

Us at the scary parts
IMG 0912

Day 6: Isla Damas, need I say more…

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Today, my parents, my friend Joanna, and I went on an all day tour to Isla Damas. I think the pictures say it all. Enjoy!

IMG 1718 IMG 1721 IMG 0929

IMG 0978 IMG 1035 IMG 1049

Sea Lions
IMG 0985 IMG 0993
How many sea lions can you count on the rock? Extra points if you can find a turkey vulture!

IMG 1001 1 IMG 1019 pen

IMG 1018

Peruvian Booby (no, not those kinds, the birds)
IMG 1007

Red Legged Cormorants
IMG 1011

Rufous-collared Sparrow
IMG 1077

In addition we saw many gulls, regular cormorants and a sand piper, I think. The fisherman at the docks were busy bringing in their morning catch of mackrel, congrio, and sea weed.
IMG 0930 IMG 0936 IMG 1081

Crazy fishermen gutting his congrio on the beach
IMG 0933

We all had a wonderful time
IMG 1074 IMG 1075 IMG 1029 1
joanna IMG 1079

Our trusty boat
IMG 1080

Day 4, the fun continues…

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Today was more of a relaxing day then the past few days. My mom and I went down town, walked around, went to the cathedral, a travel agency and had the car washed. At the travel agency we got information on Isla Damas, which has the penguins and we hope to go on Friday. Once we came home, we booked our trip to Santiago. We’re gong to take the bus down and stay for 3 nights, should be fun. After lunch my mom, I and my friend Jaime went to the beach for a couple of hours. My dad opted to stay home with the pup read and watch movies. At the beach, my mom read her book for our book club that was tonight, which we ended up not going to, and Jaime and I relaxed in the sun, read a little, and went swimming in the ocean. The water was cold but very realxing. The beach was packed so we also did a lot of people watching. Tomorrow we plan on hiking in the morning then driving along the coast. Hopefully we’ll have good weather.
(unfortunately, my pics from today are not that good, oh well)
IMG 0486 IMG 0492
IMG 0853 IMG 0854 IMG 0859

Day 3 of our vacation…

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Today we had a great day, unfortunately Steve had to work so he missed out on some of it. To begin with, we started out at the mall (always a good place to begin), changed some money and then off we went to…

La Feria, the open air market that has the best produce around. We bought tons of fruits and veggies for a total of under $5. My parents seemed to really like it there, especially since the melons were so fresh and reminded them of summer and at the same time CT was in for some snow…
IMG 0827 IMG 0828
IMG 0831
IMG 0832

After the market, we went out to Deli Cafe for a light lunch of sandwiches and coffee…
IMG 0834

We then stopped at home, said hello to Steve and the pup who were on a lunch break, and then headed to Plaza de Armas to the artesian markets and then to 2 of the local museums, the Museo Historico Gabriel Gonzalez Videla and the Museo Arqueologico. Gabriel Gonzalez Videla was from La Serena and was president of Chile from 1946-1952. The museum is located in his old house. It contains extensive personal artifacts of his and his family including some pics from when he came to the US and met with Truman. It also contains some rooms full of paintings from famous chilean artists and also an exhibit containing replicas of chilean coats of arms and armor. The archeological museum contained exhibits on geology and fossils, agricultural origins and early coastal settlements, and regional cultures. It also contained a Maoi from Easter Island that has toured MIlan, Barcelona and France. I can’t wait to go see Easter Island! One of my favorite exhibits had some shrunken heads. How did they do that? I’m sure the plaque next to the exhibit explained it but my spanish is not that good yet.
IMG 0839 IMG 0845 IMG 0847
IMG 0849

After the museums, we came home, my parents relaxed and Leyna and I went hiking. Steve then came home from work, we had some snacks, wine and pisco sours, played set back, then went to Tololo Beach Restaurant for a nice dinner of fresh fish. Now everyone is exhausted and ready for bed.
IMG 0852

I think that we may plan on going to the beach tomorrow. Good night!!!

Don’t you just hate…

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When you and your parents are all dressed and ready to go and you let the dog in and she looks like this…
IMG 0824

and then you have to get unchanged, give her a bath in your nice clean bathroom and make the whole house smell like wet dog?