From Enchanted Forest to Enchanted Valley

Posted by Lisa on April 25th, 2006 — Posted in Activities, Your Guest Host Steve

While Lisa and Jon are staying ever busy with their travels across the countryside, I’m stuck at home on the couch not feeling too well. Since they barely have time in the day to actually go everywhere they want, I’ve been asked to fill in and post yesterday’s activities.

The first stop was Tortorollio, a beach area to the south of La Serena. While the weather has become decidedly fall and not normal beach weather, no visit to Chile is complete without a trip (however brief) to the beach.

IMG 2449

They then traveled to Fray Jorge (Parque Nacional Bosque De Fray Jorge) , a small dense “Valdivian cloud forest” surrounded by the desert. Moisture is provided by the dense and nearly ever-present fog, the camanchaca.

IMG 2456 01 IMG 2461

IMG 2462 IMG 2465

After that, they traveled inland a bit to Termas de Socos where they enjoyed a bite to eat and had a look around at the thermal pools.

IMG 2485 IMG 2488

Finally, they visited the Enchanted Valley, home of many petroglyphs and petrographs (as seen before).

IMG 2509 1

I guess I shouldn’t have said finally because after all that they went to a birthday party of a friend and didn’t get home until around 3am. At least that is when I think they got home since the puppy and I went to sleep at 10:30pm.

Today’s fun is more around town. Trips to the market, La Recova (everyone’s favorite shopping destination) and lunch downtown. Hopefully I’ll be back to work so Lisa can tell you all about it.