Thank You!!!!!

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Look what came today…

IMG 5358 IMG 5359


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I went to Caleta Los Hornos with Joanna and her parents, and had a great lunch amidst a breathtaking view. For lunch I had empanadas de queso y jaiba (cheese and crab), then for the meal- had fish and a salad- all for the bargain price of $5. I then came home and made Steve’s Grandma’s sugar cookie recipe. I was invited to play group for cookie cutting and decorating. Had a great time with the kids and the parents and we made some great cookies. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to decorate them all, so now Steve and I have to decorate our cookies, then luckily, we get to EAT THEM ALL!!!!

IMG 5350 IMG 5354 IMG 5357

Merry Christmas

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I just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas. Since Steve is up observing, it was just Leyna and I for christmas today. We slept in, had a leisurely morning, talked to my fam, then went for a nice xmas hike. I had plenty of offers to spend xmas with friends, but I decided to just stay home. We also watched some xmas movies ate some xmas cookies, and listened to xmas music. Though it was a beautiful day in the upper 70’s it was hard to believe it’s christmas. I miss the cold and the snow but tomorrow, I’m sure i’ll be glad it’s summer and sunny, and will probably go to the beach. Here are 2 pics from our xmas hike…

IMG 5346 IMG 5349

I also wanted to wish Terry (my father in law) a very happy birthday! Hopefully we’ll get to celebrate it together next year!!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve

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Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, it’s been crazy around here. Steve is getting ready to go back up on the mountain again and I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas. On Thursday, Joanna and I attempted to make gingerbread houses. I had envisioned this wonderful house and this is what it came out to be:

IMG 5341

Joanna’s, of course, looked much better than mine, but what do you expect from an artist.

IMG 5344

Tonight, Steve is going up to the mountain to observe for three nights and I’m going to my friend’s house for a nice Christmas Eve dinner. I’m busy now making cookies to bring.

Today on Steve’s Wild Kingdom…

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IMG 5313

I present to you the Viscacha. The Viscacha is a rodent that is part of the chinchilla family native the Andes. It resembles a large rabbit with a long squirrel-like tail. We often see them in the mornings on our drive back from the telescope to the dorm. This morning I actually managed to grab a picture of one. The Sun hasn’t quite risen yet and the viscacha wouldn’t let me get very close so the picture isn’t the greatest. Shortly after taking this picture, the viscacha bounded up the rocks and further away. It is quite odd to see what looks like a rabbit scrambling up a rocky mountainside.

That wasn’t the only wildlife I managed to see today either…
bird fox

Up on the mountain to see what I can see…

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While Lisa and the puppy are probably doing a lot of this,

IMG 5276

I’m up on the mountain for one of my many many observing runs during this Nov – Jan period (I’m observing 16 nights from Nov 9th-Jan 3rd). Things are very beautiful up here and while I hate to be away from the family, at least it is in a wonderful setting doing something I love.

IMG 5283 IMG 5286

IMG 5292 IMG 5295

You’ll notice the clouds in the picture. Yeah, not good for observing…not good at all…

It only took almost a year and a half…

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To realize this tree in the backyard (1 of 2 tress in the yard) is not merely to look at. It actually grows damascos- otherwise known as apricots. Free snacks!!!!!

IMG 5272 IMG 5273 IMG 5274

This weekend

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Steve and I spent this weekend together, hanging out. On Saturday, we worked around the house, sat outside in the sun, watched TV and played games. Sunday, we christmatized our casa. Rob and Joanna also came over Sunday evening for a few beers on the patio. I LOVE my new furniture!!!!

IMG 5265 01 IMG 5267

IMG 5269 IMG 5270

Happy Birthday Jay Jay!!!!

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Sorry I’m a day late, I meant to post this yesterday. Happy 30th birthday Jay Jay. Love you and miss you, and wish I could be there to celebrate.

IMG 4326 cakeundersea

Merry Christmas to me!!!

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Last year for xmas, Steve wanted to get me outdoor furniture. Unfortunately we waited a little too long, and were unable to find anything. Fast-forward almost a year, and look at what we just got…

IMG 5262 IMG 5263