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Just wanted to remind everyone or let you know if you don’t already, that Steve now has a photoblog which he updates about 3-5 times a week. Much more frequently then I. Click here to visit. You are able to page back and see all the photos. Enjoy!!

Cristobal Colon

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El dia de Cristobal Colon was Monday (otherwise known as Christopher Colombus). Since Steve had the day off, we decided to go for a drive. I’m sure you remember the scary drive I took with my parents the first time they came so I won’t repeat that story, needless to say, Steve has been dying to take that drive ever since hearing about it. Monday brought sunny blue skies and warm weather, basically the perfect day for an outing. We went to Andacollo, walked around, saw the Virgin Mary statue and then did the 5 hour drive through the mountains. There has been a big push in this region to improve the roads and they have been working on this route as well. The ride was not as scary but still as breathtaking. Steve loved driving the mountain roads, and I was happy to sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery. Apparently the first time through I was so nervous, I didn’t appreciate the surroundings. I was amazed that there was a vineyard high up in the mountains- though I don’t remember seeing it, the vines looked to be a couple years old and we were also able to see the back of the telescopes in the distance. Here are some pics from the day, enjoy!

IMG 9329 IMG 9332 IMG 9339

IMG 9366 IMG 9381 IMG 9382

IMG 9384 IMG 9387 IMG 9393

Fiestas Patrias!!

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Fiestas Patrias’ week long celebration centered around September 18th- Chilean Independence day. This year was the first time that I was in Chile to celebrate. To start off the celebration, I went to the Escuela Manuel Rodriguez- which is the local school for children who are deaf, blind or have special needs. The school is one of the charities that we help out. For the holiday, they put on a show with music and dancing. One of the items that we bought the school was musical instruments, which they love. The marching band was pretty good (though not as good as the Sedgwick marching band) considering they had some deaf children playing the instruments as well.

IMG 9157 IMG 9167 IMG 9180 01

We also went to an asado (bbq) at our friends ranch
IMG 9189 IMG 9198 IMG 9201

IMG 9202 IMG 9203 IMG 9220

Went to the rodeo where my friend Lyn competed for the first time. She came in first place! Though technically she also came in last, since she was the only one competing in the women’s division.
IMG 9237 IMG 9242

IMG 9244 IMG 9257

Introducing Karin Seubert, ESQ

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In the middle of September, Karin found out she passed her bar. YAY!!!!! Our mom was able to go out to Idaho for the ceremony. Congrats Karin! Sorry it took me so long to blog about it!

mail 2 mail 1

Adam’s uncle took Karin fishing to celebrate and she caught this…I can’t wait to go to Idaho to visit, and catch one as well :)

mail 02

Another birthday post…

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I know I haven’t been very diligent in my updating, so I figured today is a good catch up day. Here are some birthdays that have happened since my last post. All beautiful, wonderful, awesome people! Happy birthday all!!

ME!!!!!!! (I had a joint birthday party with some good friends, I’ll write more in a later post)
IMG 9281

If I had one, so did…KARIN
IMG 8746 01

Mi suegra – Mary Jane
IMG 4375 2

Tia Pat
IMG 5139

Mi amiga Helen
IMG 4455 01

And today is Ella’s 1st birthday. This is a picture of the first time I met her and held her- last halloween. She was a beautiful baby, but she’s turning into an even more beautiful little girl.
IMG 5167


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Happy birthday to one of my most favorite people in the world- my great friend/more like a sister, Cara. I hope you have a wonderful day and can’t wait to talk to you tonight. Have a great birthday!!!! Happy 29th! I’ll have a pisco sour (or 2) for you tonight!

J3072x2304 15165

Karin’s Last Days

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On Thursday night Karin and I took the night bus to Santiago for the weekend. We met up with our friends Friday morning and headed up to the slopes for a day in the snow. The ride up to the top was beautiful. Thursday had brought a big snow storm through, and even parts of downtown Santiago had gotten some snow. We spent the day at the lodge with our friends. Karin, Rikki and I didn’t go skiing, so we sat around hanging out and playing games. Every so often our skiing friends would come through and hang out for a bit before heading out again. Then on Friday night we went out for a fantastic Thai dinner with everyone and then headed to bed. While most people were gong skiing again on Saturday, Karin and I decided to stay in the city and explore and shop. We had a great time shopping and walking around, we then ended the day with some chocolate and chorros, and headed back to the hotel to meet up with everyone for a nice sushi dinner. Sunday we walked around and went to some museums before catching the bus back. Monday we went to Valle del Encanto and Tuesday we did some shopping before Karin headed off. I had a wonderful visit with Karin, and am so sad she had to leave. I can’t wait for the next time that we’re all together again!

View from Hotel room

IMG 8847 IMG 8848 IMG 8850

Snow glorious snow!

IMG 8855 IMG 8862 IMG 8863

DSCF1042 DSCF1039 IMG 8866

IMG 8870 IMG 8873 IMG 8877


IMG 8892 IMG 8900 DSCF1059

IMG 8904 IMG 8906 IMG 8916

IMG 8923 IMG 8930 DSCF1096

IMG 8937 IMG 8942 IMG 8944

IMG 8954 IMG 8959

IMG 8960 IMG 8961

Valle del Encanto

DSCF1105 IMG 8972 IMG 8973

DSCF1115 DSCF1117 IMG 8995

IMG 8997 IMG 8999 IMG 9004 01

Karins last chilean sunset


More fun times with Karin

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Tuesday we decided to go to Isla Damas to see the penguins with my friend and her family. I’ve been there more than a couple times and have always had good luck and been able to go out, unlike my friend Angela who has gone 5 times and never been able to go out in the boats due to rough seas. We figured my luck would prevail and we would all get to go. Tuesday was a gorgeous sunny day, but when we get to Caleta los Chorros we found the fishermen hanging out on shore. Unfortunately the seas were too rough so we couldn’t go out. We did go to the “playa las conchitas” which means beach of shells and had a great time walking around the beach which funnily enough was made of only shells, we couldn’t see any sand. We then headed to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch.

DSCF0926 DSCF0928 IMG 8681

IMG 8692 IMG 8699 IMG 8702

IMG 8704 IMG 8712 IMG 8718


IMG 8730 IMG 8674

Burrowing Owl

IMG 8726 2

Caleta los Hornos

IMG 8731 DSCF0965 IMG 8732

IMG 8734


IMG 8737 IMG 8739 IMG 8741

DSCF0985 DSCF0991

Lunch at Gladys’ which is famous for their Pastel de Jaiba (chilean crab and cheese casserole)

IMG 8746

Cooking up the corvina and reineta we bought at the fish market

IMG 8753

Drinking papaya juice

IMG 8757

Wine tour at Las Cavas del Valle- which is one of the smallest and highest wineries in Chile. For the wine tasting, we got to try the wine right out of the barrel.

IMG 8762 IMG 8764 IMG 8766

OH NO!!! We were planning on going to one of our favorite spots in Pisco Elqui- a fresh juice bar, and when we got there we found this…

IMG 8772 IMG 8773
The good news is they plan to rebuild and reopen for the summer.

Karin and Steve in front of the church and pics of the church

IMG 8775 IMG 8817

Pisco tour

IMG 8778 IMG 8794

IMG 8796 IMG 8797

At the dam and the aeolian harp

IMG 8830 IMG 8844

Tonight Karin and I head off on the overnight bus to Santiago. Look for an update next week. Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday Luke and Lily!!

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Unfortunately we were out all day and we weren’t able to call and wish Luke and Lily Happy Birthday! By now, they should be fast asleep in bed. We just wanted to wish the little ones a happy 3rd birthday. It’s amazing how fast they grow up!! We love you guys!! Happy Birthday! (Their birthday is August 6th which is today, for some reason it posted as the 7th, oops!)

IMG 7151

Twin Time

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Karin, Steve and I have been having a wonderful time together. In-fact, we’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to update the blog. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to…

My friend Veronica invited us over for Picarones. I think I posted a recipe once before, but here’s a peruvian recipe for them too!

IMG 8625 IMG 8626 IMG 8629

Peruvian Picarones
1/2 cup pumpkin cooked and strained
1/4 cup water in which the pumpkin was cooked
1 tablespoon yeast
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch
3 cups flour
1 cup milk
Frying Oil
In a beater mix the pumpkin puree gradually adding the milk. Then add the flour and cornstarch beating constantly. Add the yeast (Which has previously been dissolved in the hot pumpkin water with the sugar).
Mix to a smooth paste and place in a bowl. Heat the oven to 300 F. and place the bowl inside the oven for a minute. Turn the oven off and leave the dough inside the oven for 45 minutes giving time to raise. In a large skillet or deep frying pan add plenty of oil to heat. Dip the fingers into the mixture and drop it into the hot oil trying to shape them as a doughnut. Fry until golden and well puffed up. Serve with a syrup made of sugar loaf, orange peels and cinnamon sticks.

Japanese Garden

DSCF0862 DSCF0865 DSCF0869

Gemini Observatory
IMG 8648 DSCF0895 IMG 8646

Cactus Fun

DSCF0900 IMG 8663 DSCF0903

IMG 8660

DSCF0910 DSCF0908 DSCF0911


Hanging out with Friends
IMG 8630

Some other highlights include going out to dinner with friends, went out clubbing in Coquimbo, saw our friends band play, we have played TONS of mah jongg, and the best part is we’ve gotten to just be together. We’re having a wonderful visit and have so much more planned.