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Joel and Cara take 2

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Joel and Cara arrived, albeit 2 days late (they were stuck in Peru), on Saturday morning. We left Sunday for a trip over the Paso Agua Negra into Argentina and on to the Termas Pismanta for a few days of much needed pampering. You may recall from our previous trip over the pass that we took with Steves parents that we got a flat tire at the top. I’m happy to say that we did not get 1 flat tire, but 2 this time!!!!!!! After waiting several ours for the gendarme to come get us, Cara, Steve and Joel, were lucky enough to ride in the back of an open army truck for 2 hours (yours truly had a cushy seat up front) with all of our luggage. Needless to say, by the time we reached the hotel the 3 of them and all our stuff was covered in a thick layer of dust. Thankfully the next day, we were able to relax in the thermal spas, enjoy good food, wine and company. Steve and I picked up our 2 tires from the gomeria, that luckily were able to get plugged and patched and then able to go get the car which was 30 km from the border. We left Argentina on Tuesday, and enjoyed a beautiful, breathtaking drive home. No problems to be had…

Second flat tire and our reactions
IMG 0389 IMG 0395 IMG 0397

Gendarme to the rescue

IMG 0400 IMG 0399 IMG 0398

Termas Pismanta

IMG 0412 01 IMG 0407 IMG 0411

Pics from the drive

IMG 0425 IMG 0439 IMG 0442

IMG 0454 IMG 0470

IMG 0485 01 IMG 0487

Lisa in Chile Sweet Pea in Argentina

IMG 0434

San Pedro Day 1

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The Margheim’s are here visiting for 3 weeks for the holidays. At the beginning of their visit we took a trip up north to San Pedro. Here are some pictures from day 1…

Around town

IMG 9659 01 IMG 1925 IMG 1923

IMG 1934 IMG 9675 IMG 9650

Valley of the Moon

IMG 1944 01 IMG 1947 IMG 9691

IMG 9701 IMG 9710 IMG 9754

IMG 2032 01 IMG 2035 IMG 2038 01

IMG 9800 IMG 9788 01 IMG 9804

IMG 9816 IMG 9814 IMG 2029

Stay tuned for Day 2…

Chile con Guaguita

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Steve and I are happy to announce that I’m 10 weeks pregnant. In Chile the slang term for baby is guaguita- pronounced wawita. Here’s the first official pic! My due date is July 8…


7.7 Earthquake in Northern Chile! (We’re OK!)

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A huge earthquake struck earlier today in northern Chile, about 100km north of where I was visiting this past weekend. We could feel it here in La Serena (about 4 min after the quake struck) and it was very different from the smaller, local earthquakes. A ‘slower’ rolling wave as opposed to the regular shaking.

USGS Information

Nothing else to add, but I know people would be concerned and want to know if we were affected.

My 30th Birthday

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Though my birthday was at the end of September, I’m just now getting around to posting about it. I ended up having a joint party with 2 of my friends here- Judith and Lyn. Their birthdays are just a few days before mine, and they were also having big ones as well- they both turned 60. To celebrate, we decided to throw a 150th birthday party at Hacienda Santa Cristina. We celebrated on the 29th with about 40 of our closest friends. The party started at 1pm with drinks and appetizer in the gazebo by the pool. We hired a local jazz group to perform during the cocktail hour. We then had a nice meal and cake. The party ended at about 6pm, though those of us who spent the night (about 15 people) partied to the wee hours. Steve and I then got up the next morning for a nice hour horseback ride. It was a fantastic party, just wish you all could have been there as well!

P9290059 P9300061

P9290021 P9290055 P9290038

IMG 9318 IMG 9310

Jamon Serrano

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Well, we finally did it. After 2 years of talk, we finally bought it. Yes, I’m talking about a Serrano ham. When we first moved here, the things freaked me out. They have them hanging in the stores, and the foot is still attached. I didn’t realize at first what it was. Apparently, my friend Jenny didn’t either. She invited us all over for xmas our first year here and bought a ham to cook (or so she thought). When she got it home, it still had the hoof attached, so she tried to saw it off. When that didn’t work, she decided just to throw the whole thing in the oven, hoof and all. To be honest, I don’t remember if I ate it or not, I just remember how much fun we had with them. Anyways, I digress. We had our friends Rikki and Chris over for dinner the other night, and decided to break it open and have some melon with it. It was AWESOME!! The ham is now sitting on the counter (it came with a stand and a knife) waiting to be eaten. Steve likes to carve some off when he gets home from work, and sit on the patio, watch the sunset and have a beer (wine or pisco sour for me). Life doesn’t get much better! If the Margheims are lucky, we’ll try not to eat it all before they come!!

IMG 9441 IMG 9447


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I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I feel like nothing is ever new. It’s taken a while, but summer seems to be here in La Serena. We’ve been getting nice sunny days in the mid to upper 60’s (though it feels like the 70’s) with a nice breeze off the ocean. Leyna dog and I have been trying to go to the beach for a walk/run at least 3x a week. Occasionally Steve gets to come with us as well. Here are some pics from a couple days ago.

IMG 9439 IMG 9432 03 IMG 9431

Today, we unfortunately forgot out camera. Steve and I had gone out for a nice lunch, then decided to go for a walk on the beach and enjoy the day. Right now in La Serena is hosting an International Motocross competition. This weekend featured opening events, but the races themselves got started today. The first few time trials are along the coast from roughly La Serena Golf down to Tongoy. As luck would have it, the first set of riders were returning along the La Serena beaches as we were out for our walk. So interspersed with the waves, birds and other beach goers, the riders would fly by us. It was really cool to see, I do wish we had brought the camera. We’re hoping to go to one of the other trials in the area.

Our roses

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While my parents were visiting in July, we bought 4 rose bushes. About a week after they left, the rabbits ATE my roses. I was worried that they wouldn’t come back, but I was pleasantly surprised to find these last week-

flower2 01

Since then, we’ve had some beautiful sunny weather, and I am happy to say that all 4 bushes are flourishing.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

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Love you and hope you have a wonderful day! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

IMG 7207 2